Getting Started Tips For Ebay

There are so many things to learn about Ebay. It’s not terribly complicated and once you get the basic stuff down it is just a matter of repetition. Volume is the key for success on Ebay. 
Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get started:

  • Create a business account with Ebay and paypal to get the greatest benefit
  • Focus on building your feedback right away by buying items and selling used items
    • Feedback creates authority
    • Feedback helps avoid scammer headaches
    • Feedback shows Ebay you are interacting on their platform
  • Get rid of negative mindset including the following
    • I don’t want to handle product…
    • I don’t have a place to store it…
    • What if it doesn’t sell…
    • I don’t want to go to thrift stores…
    • I don’t want to go to yard sales, estate sales…
    • I can’t…
    • It’s hard…
  • Everything can be researched on Ebay before you invest in it. 
    • You can filter by sold listings in the ebay app after doing a search
    • Look for the same item
    • Pay attention to how much it sold for
    • Did it sell with free shipping?
    • How often did it sell?
    • How long ago was the most recent sale?
  • If you work with items you can get your hands on, you can make money faster
    • You can make higher profits
    • You look more legit to Ebay
    • You don’t have to start with a warehouse full of items
    • You gain valuable practice

Check out the video below for some great tips that will help you get things started on Ebay.

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