7 Ways To Make Money Online

Making money online is easy, right? Let’s dissect an article that talks about 7 possible options for making money. This is from Entrepreneur.com. Sounds like a good legit resource right? I’m not saying they aren’t a reputable website/company but let’s take a serious look at what they are showing as options to make money.

Here is the article in question: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/299728

I want to start with the title of the article. “7 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online”

I guess it really comes down to how much money you are looking to make. Realistic is relative. Are you looking to make a few cents here and there as a kickback from spending money? Are you looking to make a few bucks for spending cash or are you looking to make a serious income? I think these questions have to be answered first. You must decide what your ultimate goal is. I would say we have a possibility of three main areas of goals.

You are looking for a few pennies as a kickback from the shopping you do or are you looking for some serious income? 

One of the best quotes from the article is this one:

If you’re at all serious about generating a full-time income and possibly more from your online activities, then you need to focus on passive income as opposed to active income. Sure, the active income will help you survive. That’s the scarcity mentality at play. But it’s the passive income ideas that will help you thrive.”

Another quote they state that is excellent advice is:

 “…you need to adjust your mindset to help empower rather than discourage you.

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