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Thank you for submitting to receive more information about working from home. I look forward to helping you reach your goals. I hope I can help you achieve the dreams you desire for improving your life.

In order to receive the information from me, you will need to click on the confirmation in the email that was just sent to you. Once you confirm, you will then receive the follow up and any additional insights I have for you.

I would like to give you a few tips here, right now to help you avoid frustration and loss.

Unfortunately, in today’s world there are many who are only out to better their own station and do not truly desire to help others. This is not who I am and I hope to help you avoid such troubles. With the following information you will be armed to avoid the many frustrations that come to those such as yourself who are looking for help to make money from home.

I think the best way to help you understand what to avoid is to explain how the majority of the industry works today. I will lay it out here in a simple format for you and then explain more where necessary.

The process starts with an offer to provide you with information about working from home. This offer may be on a website, through an email, or in a video format. I’m sure you’ve seen many such offers presented in your search efforts. Oftentimes these  presentations will offer free information and all you have to do is enter an email address or perhaps a name and email address.

*Tip #1: Don’t Enter Your Email -The majority of these companies and individuals are not looking out for your best interest. The easier it looks, the more you should run from it!

Once you enter that information you have given the owner of the website permission to send you emails. What is not explained is that your information will also be sold or passed on to other companies so they can also send you emails or contact you about opportunities. If you have provided a phone number then you will receive phone calls from some of these companies. Their next goal is to get you to pay for a service.

If you have submitted just an email then they will start small by sending you an invitation to buy a book or a program for a low cost, generally around $30 to $99. While this does show your true desire and willingness to find something to improve your life, it also shows that you are willing to pay money. If you haven’t already given your phone number out, this will be something requested at this time.

Once the company is able to get you on the phone, they will begin talking about your goals and desires and during the conversation they will ask about your savings and credit situation. They are fishing for information to know how much money you might have available for their pitch later in the call. 

They will then explain to you that they can offer coaching. This coaching will help you learn how to sell online. The person talking to you at this time, is not a coach and their company generally does not offer the coaching. He is a salesman and his job is to get your money. They then contract with a coaching company who does the teaching. The coaching is  not always a great value. Sometimes there are companies with coaches who truly desire to see you succeed but since these companies must continue to have income in order to pay their employees there will be other calls presented for more services.

This is the industry I have been involved in for many years and one of my biggest pet peeves about it is the consistent drain of funds before clients are ready for that next leap in the business. To me, this does not feel right. You should invest more in your business only as needed to grow. It does you no good to spend thousands of dollars on a website if you are not able to do the work involved in making that website profitable.

The other aspect that comes into play here is that the company Who Sold you the coaching will also pass your information on to other entities to sell you more services that are not needed. They will play on your fears to get you to pay for a corporation before you truly need that type of business. They will also  pitch you to pay for monthly services related to accounting and bookkeeping coaching. Pretty soon you are overwhelmed with too much information before you’re ready, and a large amount of debt with very little or no income being produced from the business.

This is  the reason I have chosen to go out on my own for coaching. I prefer to truly help people and lift others up and assist them to achieve their goals step by step. Of course, I need to be compensated for my time, but I will not be unconscionable with my fees end I choose not to charge you for services you are not ready for. This is why I start with free information to guide you as you get started. I have seen too many people file for bankruptcy, take on extra jobs and fall into despair because of extreme debt from these programs.

So the bottom line is this.

If it looks too good to be true, it is. 

If somebody tells you that they will do all the work for you, they are lying. 

If somebody tells you it is easy to make money online with very little effort and even with no knowledge of using a computer, they are lying.

If somebody tells you that you will get a functioning website that will make you money just because it is setup, they are lying.

If somebody tells you that large companies, such as Walmart or Home Depot, are willing to pay you simply to post links to their products, they are leaving out the work that is necessary. 

From my coaching and training you will learn the truth about all of these opportunities and what it really takes to be successful with an online business. 

You’ll notice that I have not spoken much about work at home jobs. You will also notice, if you go through the process with any of these other companies that they will not speak specifically about jobs, although they may allude to it. 

Any legitimate employer looking for at home workers will simply give you information to apply for that job or to have an interview and will not require you to pay them for the opportunity. If you signed up for my work at home jobs information, you will receive details on that after confirming the subscription to my email list. I promise not to inundate you with garbage offers and scams. 

If you signed up to learn more about starting your own business, you will receive that information after confirming your email and once again, you will not be spammed with garbage information. 

If you are inundated by emails with all kinds of opportunities and get rich quick or easy schemes, do not click their links, even to unsubscribe. If possible, the best solution is to create a new email address, move everything over to that address and never use it to subscribe to one of these opportunities again. I will update this page with more insights and information as needed. If you have questions please feel free to contact me with those questions. 


Mike Wood